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Abu 'Ali al-Hasan ibn al-Haitham was one of the most outstanding Arab scholars and one of the greatest experts on optics of all time. He excelled and contributed enormously to the field of optics, mathematics, natural science, medicine and philosophy.

He was also an astronomer, mathematician and physician, and wrote commentaries on Aristotle and Galen. He is often known as Alhazen, which is the Latinized version of his first name "al-Hasan". Was born in 965 A.D. in Basrah, and was educted in Basrah and Baghdad.

He made a thorough examination on the passage of light through various media and discovered the rows of refraction. He also carried out the first experiments on the dispertion of light into its constituent colours.

The Kitab al-Manadhir is generally considered to be ibn al-Haitham's most important work. It was translated into Latin as Opticae Thesaurus Alhazeni in 1270 AD. The translation of the book on optics exerted a great influence upon the science of the western world.

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