Ahad, November 16, 2008

AL-ZAHRAWI (English Version)

Al-Zahrawi, his invention of surgical instruments marks new dimensions in modern surgery. His medical textbook Al-Tasrif was used as medical reference by European scholars for more than five centuries. Born in the year 936AD in Cordoba, Spain, he became a surgeon and practiced in Medinatul Zahrah, Andalusia for more than 50 years.

He was the first surgeon of his time to make detailed illustrations and descriptions of instruments in his book Al-Tasrif. Apart from sugery, he also explained the traditional art of restoring sprained and fractured limbs, a treatment that is still used today. He also classified 325 diseases, explaining their symptoms and treatment. He was also the first medical practitioner to document the causes, symptoms and treatment for haemophilia.

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